Get your butts in the studio or I will come to you. In studio, live, band practice, whatever floats your boat. Lets get recording! 


Whether your song was recorded here at LCS, at home by you, or at another kick ass studio, I'll mix that sucker. We cater to a wide variety of genres and styles. Re-amping and Drum Replacement options are available as well. So if you couldn't nail that tone, I'm happy to help! 


Need some creative help getting that track to the finish line? In search of an instrumental track to swoon on or drop some bars? Hit me up! I have a huge catalogue of music waiting for you to bless. I also have a vast network of session musicians readily available. So if you need a drummer, horn player, bassist, some sick sweep picking guitars, or whatever comes to mind, again hit me UP! 


Last but not least, mastering is what takes your mixed song and gets it "radio ready". This process is what gels all of your tracks into one cohesive album. Mastering also ensures that your tracks sound amazing no matter what system they are played through. A very important step that shouldn't be overlooked! We gladly master our own mixes as well as mixes that you or another engineer provide.