Whether you want to record the whole band live or everything individually, we have the resources and experience to provide you with top quality recordings. Let us handle all of the engineering so you can focus on the most important part, the MUSIC.



 Now that you have your song recorded, you're going to need it mixed! Not only do we mix projects that were recorded at our facility, we also mix projects that you or another audio engineer recorded. Let us take your songs to the next level! Reamping and Drum Replacement options are also available. We have a wide variety of guitar and bass amps to choose from. So if you couldn't nail that guitar tone, we are happy to help! 



Last but not least, mastering is what takes your mixed song and gets it "radio ready". This process is what gels all of your tracks into one cohesive album. Mastering also ensures that your tracks sound amazing no matter what system they are played through. A very important step that shouldn't be overlooked! We gladly master our own mixes as well as mixes that you or another engineer provide.